About Falcon Airport Services

Falcon Airport Services is typically the first and last point of contact between the customer and your airlines. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to ensure your customer is more than satisfied with their travel experience. Our recruiting process and well trained staff is what allows Falcon Airport Services to represent your airlines with excellence. Over the past seven years, we have served airlines such as Spirit Airlines, Bahamas Air, Gol Airlines, Dutch Antilles Express (DAE), AeroMexico, and WestJet. Now we are in the process of expanding as we have recently increased our capacity and capabilities.


We currently serve three Florida-based international airports in including Orlando International Airport (MCO), Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT), and Ft. Lauderdale International Airport (FLL).

Our Mission

Provide safe and reliable professional airport management services to our customers.

Our Commitment to Your Airlines

  1. Clean. We will maintain a clean operation which means our team and equipment will be well maintained and professionally appealing at all times.
  2. Collaboration. We know how important it is for our staff to collaborate with your staff in order to keep operations running smoothly. We will be proactive in communicating with your team so that our role becomes seamless to your operations.
  3. Customer-Focused. We will reduce cost and headaches for your airlines by handling customer’s requests to the best of our ability to reduce the involvement of your staff.

How Falcon Makes Your Airlines Better?

  1. Speed. Our services are designed to improve the timeliness of your airlines.
  2. Organized. Staying organized allows us to ensure our workflow works well with your airlines’ processes and procedures. Our team learns about your workflow in order to properly integrate our workflow with your airlines.
  3. Feedback Loop. A happy traveler keeps problems and costs down down for your airlines. Therefore, we monitor our service to your customers by regularly and randomly conducting customer service questionnaires.

Interesting Facts About Falcon


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